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About Social Bucket

Churches across the United States struggle every single week to create content for social media. What do we post? When do we post? How do we get more comments, likes, & shares?

Yeah… We get it. We’ve been there. At some point, the whole idea of social media for church gets to be a bit overwhelming and we just stop trying… Who creates the images? Who writes the copy? Who schedules the posts?

It’s a lot. That’s why we created Social Bucket. With Social Bucket, churches can get access to an entire months worth of social media images and professionally written copy designed to boost engagement, save you time and stress, and help you reach more people for Jesus in the process.

Churches who use Social Bucket and our “Bucket Strategy” are seeing over 100% increase in post engagement (likes, comments & shares), are saving hours of their week, and stressing less over managing their church’s social media accounts.

Nathan Gaddis Profile Picture

Meet Nathan Gaddis

Nathan is the president of Design 373, and co-creator of Social Bucket. He’s a husband and daddy, a musician, and a super cool guy. Oh, and he loves a good pair of sneakers…

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Meet David Crowson

David is the founder of Churchly, and co-creator of Social Bucket. He’s also a husband and daddy, a worship pastor, and loves all things tech.

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